Interview with Bruce Seckendorf: Former 50 cent sales manager shares his advice

50 Cent is often considered one of the most affluent hip-hop. He’s made millions outside of music, from signing a five-year sponsorship deal with Reebok in 2003, launching his own film and book companies throughout the 2000s, to partnering with Glaceau and an estimated $ 100 million in revenue when Vitamin Water was sold to Coke in 2007 It has managed to continue to generate the kind of financial footprint that stems from a strong knowledge base that drives everyone. its business decisions.

One man who played a role in 50 Cent’s smart financial decision-making is Bruce Seckendorf, who served as the rapper’s former business manager for around 10 years. Born in Jamaica Queens, New York, Seckdondorf founded LL Business Management and has spent decades working with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars, including Eminem and Timbaland, to make them more financially viable. By sticking to a principle that includes discouraging impulse buying, Seckendorf has built a reputation for its successes and even better results.

As part of Complex’s Get Money initiative, we spoke with Seckendorf about his career, hoping to glean some useful financial advice for our readers. And he was happy to share some of the wisdom he gained during his years as a successful business leader.

“I tell people, ‘Just believe in yourself and bet on yourself,’ says Seckendorf, relaying advice for young entrepreneurs. “If you’re going to spend the money, spend it on your business, spend it on yourself and your career. Don’t look to invest in someone else’s business and watch them try to make money. Focus on yourself.

Here’s Seckendorf on working with 50 Cent, his thoughts on cryptocurrency, and his advice to budding musicians, below.

Mary H. Martino