Zoho launches an all-in-one business suite for SMBs

Zoho launched Zoho One, an all-in-one business suite consisting of over 35 built-in web apps and an equal number of mobile apps.

The suite offers single sign-on with centralized administration and provisioning. Each user has a secure account and access to the entire suite. An administration panel enables and controls access, simplifying provisioning, access and auditing.

Companies can set company-wide policies; control can be applied centrally or delegated through service administrators for individual departments and groups.

Zoho One costs $1 per day per employee.

Features of Zoho One

Zoho One offers the following features:

  • Sales, Marketing, and Support Applications;
  • Finance, recruitment and related HR applications;
  • An office suite;
  • To post; and
  • Personal productivity and collaboration apps.

Users can create custom apps for unique business needs and include them in Zoho One.

Zoho One has integration points in its applications that connect sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, HR and other activities, and enable communication and collaboration between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

It has contextual integrations that bring relevant information from other apps to improve the efficiency of an app. Zoho One apps integrate with hundreds of leading third-party software apps.

“No other vendor brings together all the software needed to run a business,” said Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer of Zoho.

Zoho One “eliminates the need to purchase multiple technologies to run a business from front office to back office…all for one affordable price,” noted Cindy Zhou, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

The price “can be five times lower than some competitors’ cost for an app,” she told CRM Buyer.

Other benefits of Zoho One include built-in administration capabilities and business process workflows, as well as a reduced learning curve, Zhou said.

Play well with others

Zoho’s office suite interacts well with Microsoft Office, Zoho’s Sundaram told CRM Buyer, but “customers don’t have to use [it]. They could use Microsoft Office and still work with Zoho One for everything else.

Another option for customers would be to use a CRM application from another company, such as Salesforce, and use Zoho One for areas such as finance, HR, recruiting or marketing, he said. -he declares. “The choice is up to the customer.”

Zoho One’s price “is still attractive if customers only use a few of its apps,” Constellation’s Zhou pointed out.

Zoho target market

Zoho One targets small and medium businesses around the world with annual revenues of up to $1 billion, Sundaram said. It “works across all industries and segments and fits almost any type of business.”

Zoho itself runs on Zoho One, “so we know it scales to large, complex organizations,” he pointed out. Zoho has 4,500 employees across multiple countries and serves customers in over 200 countries.

Zoho One “may make sense for small businesses or large businesses that have a large population of mobile-only workers who only need limited desktop app functionality,” suggested Rebecca Wettemann, VP of Research. at Nucleus Research.

“Part of Zoho’s talk is mobile or tablet as the primary or sole device,” she told CRM Buyer. “There’s a sweet spot here for Zoho, but also a need to educate the market beyond just providing a very cost-effective solution.”

Push for partners

Zoho One’s innovations include simple provisioning, a single point of administration, and pricing simplicity “without any hidden costs or pitfalls,” Sundaram said. The suite comes with built-in two- and multi-factor authentication, and its passwords are encrypted using some of the latest algorithms.

Zoho One “will draw comparisons to what Microsoft is doing with Office 365, especially given Microsoft’s recent focus on SMBs,” observed Alan Lepofsky, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

However, “Zoho does not currently have the partner system of Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite,” he told CRM Buyer. “In order to grow brand awareness and customer base, Zoho must now focus on customer successes and attract partners.”

Mary H. Martino