Who is Joel Mandel? Johnny Depp’s former business manager opens up about the actor’s difficult financial situation

On Thursday, May 19, former Johnny Depp business manager Joel Mandel testified in the ongoing defamation lawsuit in the actor’s lawsuit against Amber Heard. Mandel appeared on video for his testimony and spoke about Depp’s financial situation while working for him.

Depp’s former manager of The Management Group has opened up about the actor’s controversial accusations. Mandel later also spoke about the amount of money that needed to be spent to compensate for alleged damage to properties and rentals Depp caused during their tenure.

In 2017, Depp sued TMG and alleged Mandel’s company spent millions without his permission. However, the dispute was privately settled after TMG counterattacked Depp, before the case went to trial.

What do we know about Johnny Depp’s former business manager, Joel Mandel?

Joel Mandel, #JohnnyDeppDepp’s former business manager, spoke about Depp’s extravagant spending habits. Depp sued his management company in 2017 for fraud and misrepresentation. @LawCrimeNetwork https://t.co/bUjrIv5vWr

Joel Mandel is currently vice president of The Management Group (TMG), based in Beverly Hills. The company appears to provide consulting and management services to companies or individuals like Depp.

Mandel appears to be working with his relative Robert Mandel, who currently serves as the company’s president. According to several online business directories, TMG was started in 1987. Joel and Robert Mandel are the decision-making partners in the company, along with owner Howard Leiter.

According to information from his testimony, the former entrepreneur would have guided Johnny Depp to sell some of his properties, in particular the residence of the actor in the south of France. However, Joel Mandel was later accused of financial wrongdoing by the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

What did Joel Mandel say about Johnny Depp during the trial?

On Thursday, May 19, Joel Mandel revealed that Johnny Depp’s financial situation was “catastrophic” from July 2015 to March 2016. Mandel opened up about the 58-year-old actor’s expenses at the time. He said Depp’s prescription pill bills often amounted to “thousands of dollars a month.”

In Mandel’s own words:

“My warnings in 2015 that we were in very dire financial straits were not very well received… In 2010 and over the period. As I recall, revenues were very high, expenses were very high .At various points when we would have these conversations, he would acknowledge that he understood…and would commit to doing with me what was necessary.”

He added:

“He was on a very successful trajectory. The success of the Pirates movies obviously catapulted him to a different level of success. It was a career thing, but it was also a financial thing.”

According to Joel Mandel, there would be no follow-up from Johnny Depp regarding the reduction of his expenses. He said:

“It became clear that there were alcohol and drug issues and that translated into more erratic behavior.”

In addition to his statements, Joel Mandel claimed that it became difficult to schedule meetings and discuss the actor’s finances with him during Depp’s period of drug addiction.

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