Trishonna, serial entrepreneur and business consultant, celebrates her birthday with the launch of a clothing line and a weekend masterclass ahead of Black Business Month

ATLANTE, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As Black Business Month approaches, Trishonna, serial entrepreneur and business consultant, will toast at her birthday celebration and the launch of her new clothing line Genrevaein, followed by his highly anticipated business masterclass. Trishonna, co-founder and owner of Mixins Rolled Ice Cream The franchise has been very successful as a business development leader with more revenue $100,000 of gross income within 60 days. Understanding how to develop a strategic business plan, Trishonna is one of the best black female entrepreneurs of her generation.

A similarly successful commercial launch with Mixins Rolled Ice Cream, Trishonna’s high-end fashion-forward clothing line, Genrevaein (Gender Vain), is set to reach new heights in the fashion industry this summer. The clothing line comes in three genres: feminine luxury, tomboy chic, and modest casual.

“We’re here to bring fashion-forward styles to all girls by having inclusive sizing and vegan-friendly materials.” says founder Trishonna. “Genrevaein brings bold and sexy fashion… Our customers can enjoy a girls night out in our cheetah mesh dress with cutouts along the curve or in a vegan leather zip dress with comfort in all the right places! “

Genrevaein is set to launch on the 31st July 2021in Atlanta, Georgia. The launch is expected to be one of the most anticipated launches of Atlanta this year having A-List influencers, talent and press. Attending guests will not only have the chance to celebrate Trishonna’s birthday with an elusive Genrevain pre-purchase experience, but will also have the opportunity to indulge in Mixin’s homemade ice cream. For more information about Trishonna and its brands, follow Trishonna online by clicking here.

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