LinkedIn launches new “Business Manager” platform, a new B2B aligned marketing consultancy

LinkedIn is adding new tools to help marketers maximize their lead generation and brand building efforts, including a new Business Manager dashboard, a new B2B-aligned LinkedIn native consultancy, and CRM and API integrations updates.

The biggest update is its new Business Manager platform, which provides a central dashboard for managing “people, accounts, pages” and their associated marketing processes.

As shown in the video overview above, Business Manager provides a streamlined management platform for all of your LinkedIn business activities.

The new platform includes dedicated tabs for managing people, partners, ad accounts, and business pages, along with corresponding audiences.

It’s basically a slimmed down version of LinkedIn’s paid Sales Navigator tool, with the idea being that by attracting more businesses with its basic brand management tools, it will entice more marketers to subscribe to a Sales Navigator subscription.

But even in basic form, there are handy tools here, with the ability to more centrally manage all of your various LinkedIn activities from a single space.

You can learn more about the new Business Manager platform and its various functions here.

For brands looking to go even further, LinkedIn is also launching a new consultancy, called “B2B Edge”, which will provide dedicated marketing and brand building advice based on academic research and first-party data.

LinkedIn B2B Edge

According to LinkedIn:

“This new service will provide resources and insights to improve segmentation, targeting and market position, as well as optimize creative and media investments. From Oracle to SAS to Workhuman, we help some of B2B’s most respected enterprise brands think through how brand and performance advertising together produce the most impactful marketing campaigns.

The main advantage, of course, will be that this consulting firm is owned and operated by LinkedIn itself, which will provide it with significant advantages in terms of knowledge and knowledge of the platform. Which will no doubt be a welcome support option for many brands – you can read more about B2B Edge here.

Finally, LinkedIn is also expanding access to its new content and updated marketing APIs, while also launching a new CRM data validation feature and integration with Gong.

“Powered by our more than 830 million members, Sales Navigator provides real-time lead and account information. With our latest CRM features, your sales teams can easily verify that their CRM data (often considered the single source of truth) is up to date. And when it’s time to talk on the phone with a buyer, our new integration with Gong is here to make the feedback loop as easy as possible so your sales team can be the trusted advisor buyers want.

Gong enables advanced revenue tracking and projection, providing more ways to explore your sales data. Additional information from LinkedIn will complement these charts and notes, and facilitate more opportunities to connect with relevant buyers and contacts.

These are some nice updates – nothing groundbreaking, given that much of this functionality has been available in different forms for some time. But these are interesting additional considerations for your strategic approach, which could improve your sales and marketing process.

Mary H. Martino