I will share my experiences. 30+ years as a business consultant | by Mats Larsson | Jul 2022

picture by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Understanding business and making business decisions is not as easy as many people believe. With the ability to analyze business issues, investors and budding entrepreneurs can make more informed decisions. But the most important things I know today, I didn’t learn at university.

Universities and business schools teach the basics of business development, marketing, and management. By practicing for over three decades, I have learned how circumstances in different industries open up opportunities and how those circumstances differ from industry to industry. What is a good idea in one industry may be the worst idea in another.

Many experienced business people fail to recognize the difference between situations and try to apply strategies and tactics that have worked in an industry, in an industry where they could not succeed.

The secret to becoming a chess master is to memorize a large number of games so that when a similar configuration appears on the board, they can remember the moves that lead to victory.

A similar situation exists in business. Over the years, I have assisted several hundred management teams in different types of business decisions, and I have had the opportunity to analyze and see the differences between various business situations. I can share these experiences with readers and explain how they can avoid the most common pitfalls, without revealing sensitive information about particular companies or individuals. All case descriptions will be anonymous, highlighting relevant information without revealing anything sensitive.

Chess masters can buy chess books and learn about previous games, set the different positions on the board, and play through the alternate sequences of moves to see which one would be best to use in situations similar to the game. ‘coming.

In the case of corporate experiences, there is rarely a way to learn without having experienced first-hand situations. Management books and journal articles rarely contain all the necessary detail and explain why one alternative may lead to success, while others probably won’t.

I will discuss complex relationships and identify the most important aspects in an accessible way. Readers who follow my publications will have access to a large number of different professional situations.

I won’t just talk about the experiences of mature industries. I will also discuss emerging industries and business situations as they arise. Examples will come from electromobility, clean technology, semiconductors, blockchain and a number of other emerging business opportunities.

Follow my messages and access my experiences from the beginning.

I have over 30 years of experience as a business consultant and have authored seven internationally published books on business innovation and development, focused on large-scale change towards the electromobility, the circular economy and the development and implementation of other new technologies.

My latest book is “The Blind Guardians of Ignorance – Covid -19, Sustainability, and Our Vulnerable Future” and the first of these was “The Transparent Market”, written with David Lundberg. In “The Transparent Market”, we discussed the future of e-commerce. The book was published in 1998, when most experts still failed to see that most companies would soon be doing business on the Internet.

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