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Facebook has launched a new app called “Business Suite” for businesses that have accounts on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Thanks to this new application, Business Suite, all these pages of the same company can be collected and managed from one place. This app will combine access to key company updates, all priorities can be managed through the app. This app even allows businesses to write and schedule their posts for the Facebook and Instagram platforms. All business information can be viewed through this app and business owners can even create ads through Business Suite now.

If you are a business owner and have a Facebook business account as well as an Instagram business account, all you need to do is link the two accounts so that any critical comments, messages or notifications and alerts that come on your pages separately can be managed through this single application.

You can even save responses in your app for common queries asked by most customers. So, instead of jumping from one application to another to access your business accounts and respond here and there to your customers, all of this can be done from a single application, the Business Suite. It is an extremely convenient and practical way to manage business accounts efficiently. Facebook says that soon WhatsApp will also be added to the Business Suite.

The app also offers highly creative tools to create posts and ads to boost your business engagement. You can also view information such as the engagement rate and reach of your posts, as well as the overall performance of your businesses based on the following and orders on your business accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

On the desktop, this application can be accessed by logging into Facebook and going to business.facebook.com. On mobile, you can access it through the existing Pages Manager app which may give you the option to join the new app instead. But this application cannot be used by people using Ads Manager.

Facebook also plans to launch it as a standalone app for Android and iOS.

Currently, this application is intended to help and boost the engagement of small and medium-sized businesses because they have suffered the most from the coronavirus pandemic. However, Facebook plans to launch it for large enterprises as well in the future.

The app is rolling out gradually over the next few weeks of September.

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Mary H. Martino