Facebook integrates Vimeo Create into Business Suite to make it easier to create videos

Facebook is looking to help more SMEs get into video marketing with the integration of Vimeo’s “Vimeo Create” video creation platform into Facebook Business Suite.

As you can see in the video clip, Vimeo Create makes it easy to create and edit videos and includes a range of social media templates and tools to help you optimize your video content, and even create great videos. videos from fixed assets. Vimeo Create also includes graphics and text overlays, transitions, royalty-free music, and more.

As explained by Facebook:

“When it comes to making videos, we know that small businesses can see it as expensive, time consuming and complicated. But with Create Vimeo, now part of Facebook Business Suite, businesses can easily create high-impact video ads, regardless of budget or experience, to reach new customers, engage audiences, and make any brand stand out.

Vimeo Create is a paid tool, it should be noted, although there is a free trial available and the price is reasonable. And it provides a range of useful features and functionality, with direct integration through Business Suite expanding its utility.

Vimeo Create is also integrated with Pinterest and TikTok.

Additionally, Facebook also provided some quick tips for creating more effective video content:

  1. Capture attention from the first seconds – With users scrolling quickly, you need to grab attention, and the first few seconds of your clip are essential in that regard. Facebook also notes that custom thumbnails can play a key role here.
  2. Reuse your creative assetsVimeo Create allows you to change the ratio of your video, so that you can convert the assets to 9:16 for Instagram Stories, or 1: 1 for Facebook ads, while you can also edit, crop and plug different photos. of products. This can be especially beneficial for creative split testing, as you can easily cut and edit elements in the app.
  3. Test and optimize – Which leads to the end point – “You can use Facebook Business Suite to monitor the performance of your video ads so you can easily see which video is performing best. Integrating the two elements then streamlines this process and further facilitates the ability to experiment with different creative elements.

This is a good addition, with Vimeo Create providing a lot of useful editing and testing options, making it easier for more businesses to access video content.

Which, overall, gets the best response across all social platforms, and as TikTok continues to gain momentum, it seems likely that video will continue to be a key focus for consumers – so if you don’t You’re not looking for video content yet, now is definitely the time to start.

You can read more about the integration of Vimeo Create with Facebook Business Suite here.

Mary H. Martino