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Heard, Vasquez Spar on ‘Pledge’ vs. ‘Donate’

The day ended with a battle over the difference between “promising” money and “giving” money to charity.

Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, lobbied Heard over his promise to donate his entire $7 million divorce settlement to charity.

Immediately after the settlement was reached, Heard said she would donate half of the settlement to the ACLU and the other half to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

At the time, Heard said she was making the donation because she “didn’t want anything” from Depp.

The full settlement was paid to Heard on time and on schedule in October 2018, Vasquez said, ahead of Depp’s editorial and lawsuit.

“Sitting here today, Ms. Heard, you still haven’t donated the $7 million divorce settlement to charity,” Vasquez said.

Heard said that was not correct, she pledged the full amount and intended to fulfill that obligation.

Vasquez said that wasn’t her question, she asked if Heard donated, not promised, the settlement.

Heard said she uses “pledge” and “donate” as synonyms.

“But I don’t,” Vasquez said.

Heard said she has yet to pay the ACLU or the hospital with her own money because “Johnny sued me.”

“I haven’t been able to fulfill those obligations yet,” she said.

Vasquez pressed Heard, saying she didn’t give the money because she wanted something.

“I didn’t want anything and I got nothing,” Heard said.

Vasquez said Heard wanted Depp’s money. Heard denied that claim and said she was with Depp because she loved him.

Vasquez said Heard wanted praise and good press for donating the money.

Heard said that was incorrect. She added that it was not in her interest to “appear altruistic”. Her interest was in clearing her name because at the time she was being called a liar and her motives were in question, Heard said.

Vasquez then said Heard wanted to remind the public of the domestic violence allegation against Depp and make those claims seem “credible.”

“No, I wanted to get on with my life,” Heard said, adding that those claims were believable.

Finally, Vasquez said Heard wanted to be seen as a “noble victim of domestic violence.”

This seemed to strike a nerve with Heard.

“I never wanted to be seen as a victim,” she said. “I never thought to myself either.”

Vasquez said Heard testified under oath that she donated the entire settlement to charity, but that claim was false.

She said Heard had the full $7 million for 13 months before Depp sued her and chose not to give it to charities.

Heard said she disagreed with this characterization.

Mary H. Martino