Danville hires a business manager and enlists a super actor to seek a replacement | New

DANVILLE — The Danville-area school district will soon have a new business manager to replace Bobbi Ely, who left last month to take up another position.

The school board also accepted Acting Superintendent Harry Mathias’ offer to seek a new superintendent and learned that he will have to replace a board member who resigns.

Vice President John Croll is resigning, effective August 31, as he leaves the district for Muncy.

The board approved the hiring of Wendy Bartholomew as business manager with an annual salary of $95,000, effective September 6.

Bartholomew is from the Northumberland County Career & Technology Center in Coal Township. She will succeed Ely, who left the district to become assistant business manager for the Mechanicsburg Area School District.

Mathias said Janis Venna, who retired as district commercial manager five years ago, has taken on a contract to help in the commercial office. He said Venna would stay for Bartholomew’s first two weeks to train her.

The board voted 9-0 to approve Mathias to lead the district’s search for a replacement for Ricki Boyle, who also resigned last month to take up a position as director of special services in the Bloomsburg area school district.

According to his proposal, Mathias will receive $75 per hour, up to a maximum of $4,000, and administrative assistant Terri Faust will be paid $25 per hour, up to $2,500. The proposal also includes $2,000 for expenses.

The board named Mathias, the former superintendent of the Central Columbia School District, as acting superintendent at its June 27 meeting, effective July 16.

The board also appointed Mathias at the same meeting to conduct interviews with business leaders.

The vote on whether to accept Croll’s resignation was added to the agenda by a 9-0 vote. But in the next vote to accept the resignation, Chris Huron voted no after questioning, “What if we say no?”

Mathias said the Pennsylvania School Code requires school board members to vote on all resignations.

The principals then selected council member Wayne Brookhart to become vice-chairman of the council following Croll’s departure.

The board has 30 days from August 31 to fill Croll’s seat on the board.

Mary H. Martino