Cameo Showcases Custom Celebrity Videos for Business-to-Business Marketing

Cameo, a company that helps fans hire celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Rosie O’Donnell to record personalized videos for birthdays and other occasions, thinks they have a new revenue opportunity: showcasing their stable of acting, of athletes and influencers for business-to-business sales.

The company, officially called Baron App Inc., on Wednesday brought its marketplace into Sendoso, a software platform that businesses use to send freebies to new prospects, current customers and others. Cameo videos booked through Sendoso will cost the same as consumer videos, with Sendoso receiving a percentage of the revenue.

Participating celebrities set their own rates on Cameo, with an average price of $ 60 per video, according to the company. The most expensive is Caitlyn Jenner, who charges $ 2,500, Cameo said.

Sales and relationship management executives were already starting to use Cameo in their work, especially since the coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on in-person networks, according to Arthur Leopold, Cameo’s chief commercial officer.

“You can’t go to client dinners, you can’t attend conferences,” said Leopold. “Standing out becomes all the more important. “

Sales analytics firm hired actress Lindsay Lohan, for example, this month to record a personalized message to an executive who attended a virtual conference she hosted. “You are an inspiration to salespeople around the world, so today we celebrate you,” Ms. Lohan said in the video. “You should be very proud. ” also used Cameo to hire Chris Diamantopoulos, who played billionaire investor Russ Hanneman in HBO’s “Silicon Valley”, to promote the conference. “It’s me, Russ Hanneman,” says Mr. Diamantopoulos in the video. “And Gong is all about sales.”

“This Cameo made a lot of noise on LinkedIn,” said Laura Vitaro, senior director of account-based marketing at The company purchased the videos directly through Cameo, but now plans to use the Sendoso integration, she said.

Sendoso, which makes it easier for sellers and others to send everything from e-gift cards to anything sold on, and then track business results, hopes the Cameo videos will prove invaluable in the management. customer relations for its customers.

“There are dozens or hundreds of interactions that you may have had with a specific client,” said Kris Rudeegraap, Managing Director of Sender Inc., the company that operates as Sendoso. “One time it might be cupcakes, another day a Yeti-branded mug, another time a celebrity cameo that will brighten up your day.” “

Cameo already offers a promotional version of its service, in which celebrities agree to endorse products at a higher price, and test live chats with celebrities.

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