Business consultant Boyd Parker advises that success comes from self-discipline, work ethic, commitment and leadership

Parker has traveled the world to develop business leaders in the sales and marketing industry

MAIDSTONE, KENT, UK, September 15, 2022 / — London-based business consultant Boyd Parker posted a video titled ‘In business or fit, why won’t they listen’ to his YouTube channel featuring comments he made at Mayfair, London.

In the video, Parker talks about how he got into fitness. “What I realized was that I knew what to do; I just didn’t. I could tell anyone else how to do it, but I couldn’t get up and do it.

“Nobody cares what you know unless you’re willing to take your own advice,” Parker said.

He finally clicked, “the changes I needed to make to get the results you want. When you finally realize what you need to do to get the business and fitness you really want,” said Parker, an independent consultant for businesses and entrepreneurs, “it takes a journey of self-discipline, work ethic, commitment and leadership.

Parker has extensive experience in training, mentoring and developing junior entrepreneurs through to senior CEOs.

His current success is in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, working with leading UK brands in the telecommunications, energy and charity sectors and helping other business owners and entrepreneurs grow their own businesses.

Parker specializes in developing outsourced sales consultants and has 13 years of B2B and B2B sales experience.

Prior to entering the field, Parker spent five years coaching and mentoring professional athletes, models and bodybuilders, helping them achieve their physique. After the 2009 recession, Parker launched a development program to gain outsourced skills in sales, leadership and business management. Parker quickly took on an independent consulting role within the industry, helping other companies thrive.

Parker has traveled the world to develop business leaders in sales and marketing. He has trained others and shared valuable experiences, as well as developed best practices, in UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Africa South, Italy, the Middle East and elsewhere.

In June, Parker was invited to speak to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs in London. The seminar covered networking skills, time management, goal setting and achievement, and the positives and negatives of working for yourself.

“I hope that by educating up-and-coming entrepreneurs on some of these soft skills, this generation will be better equipped than I was when I started. Networking can be maximized and managed quite effectively with the right tools and awareness. This next generation of entrepreneurs is our hope for a better economy and more opportunity over the next 20 years,” Parker said following the seminar.

Parker is often asked at seminars and other industry events about multilevel marketing. His recommendation is not to start a business that involves buying a product or service for the purpose of “joining”.

Multilevel marketing companies allow business owners to earn commissions on the work of others and the freedom to work in their spare time. But, it offers limited benefits, often takes longer than expected, and very few people get rich from multilevel marketing, also known as network marketing, Parker said.

“I love being involved in creating something from the start and helping it grow. Primarily that has been in developing people. Now I’m moving into investing in businesses, land and properties and my first passion, the sports and fitness industry,” said Parker. “My goal is to continue to travel the world with young entrepreneurs. I am a proud father whose greatest reward is to constantly learn leadership and coaching skills, which helps me be the best example I can be and provide the best lifestyle for my children and my business partners.

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