Britney Spears felt trapped and her business owner took advantage

In early 2008, a small business in Tennessee with high aspirations granted a loan to Britney Spears’ father, who had been in financial difficulty for years.

Less than a month later – after consulting with the owner of the company, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group – James P. Spears, says Jamie, placed his daughter under guardianship, a legal arrangement usually reserved for individuals. unable to take care of themselves or work. He would have great power over your life and finances.

Soon after, Jamie Spears sent his daughter on a 97-show international tour. And he hired Tri Star, to whom he still owed at least $ 40,000, to run his business.

Over the next decade, this mission would generate millions of dollars for Tri Star and help transform the company and its owner, Louise Taylor, into one of the best managers in show business, with clients including the Kardashians.

Taylor is currently facing questions from attorneys for Britney Spears and others about how much money he made as the pop star’s business manager and whether he has inappropriately enriched himself.

The guardianship, which a California judge ended last month, was meant to protect Britney Spears from financial abuse.

However, the pop star said she felt pressured into working at times. The harder she worked, the more money she made and more money went to the lawyers, agents, agents and other guardians around her, in part through a series of unusual financial arrangements.

At the center of it all was Taylor, according to a New York Times investigation based on court records, financial records, company documents and interviews with more than 70 people familiar with the Guardianship, Taylor or its companies.

There are approximately 1.3 million guardianships in the United States, also known as curatelas. Guardians have broad powers over the life of a vulnerable person and are obligated to act in their best interests.

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