A quick New Years chat with Bdaily’s business director Andrew Carter

Welcome to Bdaily as we launch 2022.

Our Business Manager Andrew Carter spoke with correspondent Matthew Neville about the past year and some of the exciting things to come in the year ahead.

“I’ve been at Bdaily since September 2020 – it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride given the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions and the huge impact it has had on businesses of all shapes and sizes. and sizes.

“I can’t think of a lot of people who could honestly say, ‘It hasn’t really affected me or my business’ and that the past two years have been more than challenges. But we all love a challenge, don’t we? “

“Looking back, I was amazed at how much the business community here in the North East of England (where Bdaily is based) and beyond have rolled with the many, many punches that were launched, rallied together, found new ways to work, innovate, collaborate, react and even thrive given the situation.

From the northeast, we’ve seen recruiting drives across the region, local celebrities supporting local businesses, tiny artisanal gin bars, and plenty of investment in the area.

Yorkshire was all about new homes, the stay boom, and the successes of independent retailers.

In London, we’ve seen a growing interest in CBD products and businesses, an increase in demand for health and fitness services, and businesses looking to expand from the city to the rest of the country.

Some of the biggest national news of the year included support for small residential developers, investment in green transport and renewable energy, the growth of a UK hotel business and, unsurprisingly, plenty of stories surrounding the pandemic. continues of COVID-19 and its impact on businesses and employees.

Our most widely read story of the year centered around UK-based cryptocurrency company Argo Blockchain, which is moving towards producing ‘Green Bitcoin’ using only clean energy.

We have witnessed many conversations about hybrid work and back to the office, the ‘new normal’, Net Zero and peer networks, as well as sustainability, the emergence of NFTs and the current state of the healthcare industry. retail.

2021 has certainly kept us busy at Bdaily. We have continued to deliver the economic news our audience wants while being commercially successful despite the challenges we have faced. We increased our revenues by 30 percent and welcomed new team members across the company.

Austen Shakespeare and Matthew Neville have joined our editorial team, while we have partnered with the University of Sunderland Graduate Internship Program to recruit our Marketing Manager, Hannah Phipps.

At the end of the year, Ashleigh Male joined our sales team and looks forward to talking to you in 2022 about where Bdaily can help you reach our audience.

We won two new business partners in 2021 in Darlington-based public relations firm Harvey & Hugo and the University of Sunderland’s business and innovation leadership who joined our long-term partners, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and the North East Business and Innovation Center and we hope to see more companies join us in 2022.

We worked with leading companies in 2021, helping them access our business-focused audience including Invest North East England, Newcastle University, Enterprise Nation, Haines Watts Chartered Accountants, The Association for Project Management, Transmit Startups, The North of Tyne Combined Authority, Weightmans and Newcastle Airport among many others.

“Overall, 2021 has been a challenge, but a challenge that many companies, Bdaily included, have faced with the positivity, resilience and professionalism that were needed to help us. “

Check out Andrew’s thoughts on the year ahead in Part II of our chat later this week on Bdaily.

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