5 reasons why Instagram is the best platform for business marketing in 2021

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When it first became popular among users almost ten years ago, Instagram was just a social media platform for sharing low resolution photos with your friends and getting likes. After that the hashtags came in and we were able to put all of these topics together in one place and explore similar content. The app compressed the photos on its own, so if you go back to your Instagram profile and compare the first and last post on it, you’ll see how different they are. Back then it was chic and interesting to use effects and filters and to put frames around the photo, but over time we’ve come to realize that the square format isn’t the best when it comes to our artistic photo skills.

Those were interesting days, and no one could imagine that in five years, Instagram will be owned by the most popular social media company and become one of the biggest marketing platforms in the world. Today, in 2021, we know that you can grow your business using this platform, which is now more advanced, and you can choose formats and effects, share stories, videos, reels and content. IGTV. Most of the time you can improve your performance without spending any money, but it is surely sometimes worth it to increase it a bit.

So if you don’t have a profile, create it today and convert it to professional format, so you can get a glimpse of what’s going on. And now we’ll tell you why you made the right choice:

1. Lots of people are already using it

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There are millions of active users on Instagram, and that number is growing every day. Sometimes individuals have private profiles, but if they are running a thematic business or blog, they will do so separately. Sometimes a person can have two more profiles, which means the number of active accounts is quite large. In the first few moments, you need to decide what kind of content you will share, explore relevant hashtags, follow certain profiles and simply increase the number of subscribers using platforms like smm-world.com to improve reach and engagements. It is important to avoid fraudulent accounts, bots or inactive profiles as they will not do you any good.

2. It’s good for any type of business

It doesn’t matter if you run a media business, civil organization, online store, or just a personal themed blog, you have a unique chance to shine. You need to adapt the routines related to the content and be consistent. Also, keep your expectations realistic, because sometimes you just need to grab the right moment and make yourself shine among other profiles with a similar concept. Today we can see a lot of profiles of animals, children, families, lifestyle, health, cosmetics and many more, that even if they don’t have a few thousand followers, they always get a lot of collaborations and engagement. And yes, you read that right – you don’t have to be an influencer to run a successful profile on Instagram.

3. Use effective hashtags to connect with partners

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Hashtags are the easiest way to attract relevant audiences and encourage them to follow you. You can use hashtags related to popular campaigns, or to reach a brand, so they can see how much you like them. Plus, potential customers interested in the same topic can easily find your post, save it, or share it with their friends. Once things are done, they will only go up.

4. Instagram stories are everything

They are perhaps the best feature of this app. Stories are the easiest way to encourage your followers to share their thoughts or ideas, vote in polls, make choices, and feel like they’re talking to a person, not a brand. . You can add stickers, mention other people, promote products, or even leave a link swipe up to help your followers purchase a product.

5. You can easily reach the right people

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Instagram is more powerful than Facebook when it comes to audience targeting. They use usual hashtags and patterns of behavior, in order to allow ads and potential users to find each other. If you want to choose a target on a Facebook ad, you need to be very specific in order to get the most out of the campaign. But, Instagram’s algorithm is smarter than that.

Using location data, preferences, the accounts you follow, the most popular type of content, and your interests, they show you relevant ads. Do you remember how many times you found irrelevant FB ad? And now try to remember the same for Instagram. You see the difference, right?

Knowing all of these things, we can say that with nearly 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the best places you can imagine to promote your business. This gives you easy access to the global audience, but you can still stay focused on the local market if you want to.

On the other hand, you should be aware that the language you speak can be a huge obstacle, but you can be sure that you are. target the right audience too much. For example, if you speak French, you are only targeting audiences who speak the same language.

Either way, Instagram marketing is worth a try. You will be surprised how effective it is compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Also, you can use the information to check if you are doing these things correctly. They can give you very precise data on the audience and performance of your subscribers, but also on the number of people who are not following you and engaging with your content. This will help you improve the strategy and create even better content that will grow your audience in about a few weeks.

Be patient, so that you can see the best possible results. After that, you are ready to strike even higher, because your knowledge and experience will allow you to do so.

Mary H. Martino