10 marketing trends for small businesses that are here to stay

What is the small business marketing trend that is here to stay, even after the pandemic?

To help small businesses navigate marketing trends in a post-pandemic world, we’ve asked business leaders and marketers this question for their best advice. From increasing customer reviews to working with influencers, there are several tips that can help your small business use the marketing trends that are here to stay, even after the pandemic.

Here are ten tips for small business marketing trends that are here to stay:

  • Show gratitude
  • Boost customer reviews
  • Interactive content
  • Mobile friendly
  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Enriching content
  • Create more videos
  • Promotion on social networks
  • Focus on local marketing
  • Collaborate with influencers

Show your gratitude

Now more than ever, people are showing more gratitude and appreciation to each other, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. Small businesses are building this gratitude into their marketing strategies, so more and more businesses are investing in small tactics like writing thank you notes to their customers for the support they have provided. Handwritten notes have the power to bond customers and businesses, and this trend looks like it’s here to stay.

David Wachs, Hand-written

Get a boost with reviews

Customer reviews are here to stay. Many small businesses like ours have started investing in our brand’s presence online. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this is through customer reviews. Especially when it comes to making a large investment, people want to know that they can trust you by looking at what others are saying about your business online. As an independent insurance company, we can set ourselves apart thanks to the opinions of our clients.

Chris Abrams, Marcan Insurance

Create interactive content

Gaining the attention of your audience through participation has grown in popularity and it’s no wonder why. Using tools like quizzes and polls is fun and engaging for the audience. This is one way we create content in our learning management system for security awareness training. We know that company-wide training can be seen as boring, so we strive to keep it fun and simple for employees to use.

Nick Santora, Programs

Keep it mobile-friendly

In 2020, 85% of Americans owned by smart devices, the creation of mobile-friendly marketing strategies will therefore continue to be at the forefront of marketing trends in 2021. That is why we have prioritized the creation of an app for our company, iFax. Additionally, we wanted to be available to a wide range of customers, so our app works for both iOS and Android users.

Adam Korbl, iFax

Data Driven Marketing

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, it is clear that some practices adopted in 2020 are here to stay. Data-driven marketing will continue to generate competitive advantages in 2021. By collecting big data and using smart analytics platforms, businesses can gain valuable insights that will help them work smarter, identify business opportunities. interesting and improve their return on marketing investment (MROI). For example, the retail industry has effectively adopted data analytics to digitize and produce predictive models. These models help managers make decisions about advertising budgets, sales, awards, and marketing.

Giota Gavala, Comidor

Offer enriching content

In crowded markets, gaining the trust of a consumer is essential. To do this, small businesses create resources that add value to the lives of consumers. From downloadable PDFs that offer tips and tricks to blog posts detailing how to solve a problem, content that benefits the user is a great marketing tool. By offering something of value rather than a cold sales pitch, businesses can build a positive reputation and be a priority when it comes time to buy.

Claire Routh, Markers

Produce more videos

The pandemic changed the world we live in, but it hasn’t changed everything. Some things are here to stay even after the pandemic, and one of those things is video. Video is a powerful messaging tool that businesses can use to market their product or service. Video is a fast, efficient, and economical way to market your product to large audiences on the Internet. You can use the video on your YouTube channel, website, or email. All of these are a great way to get your message across to your customer through video.

Lauren Picasso,Hydration cure

Promote on social media

A small business marketing trend that is here to stay even after the pandemic is for businesses to increase marketing on their social media platforms. Nothing beats social media. It’s a great way to generate pre-orders and let people know about your products or services and what events you may have coming up. So many people have grown used to shopping online in the wake of the pandemic, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Dennis Hegstad,Recover Live

Focus on local marketing

One small business marketing trend that’s here to stay in a post-pandemic world is localized marketing. As more and more people move from urban areas to suburbs and rural areas, their purchases mostly from small businesses. Therefore, localized marketing is becoming more and more common and it will be more important than ever to strengthen ties with consumers.

Maegan Griffin,Skin pharmacy

Collaborate with influencers

A small business marketing trend that’s here to stay, even after the pandemic, is working with social media influencers. This practice only grew because almost everyone worked from home and on the Internet. Social media influencers are helping businesses sell and promote their products like never before. As a result, many companies are partnering with them more than ever. I don’t see this practice ending anytime soon.

Ben Cook, Jr.,Printed kicks

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